Take your Filecoin Storage Provider to the next level with Sealing-as-a-Service

Tap into Aligned FPGA powered Sealing engine


Accelerate your growth

Seal your data faster and reduce your time to market by adding massive Sealing compute power to any Storage Provider node anytime from anywhere.


Increase your ROI

Move from pay up front CapEx model to pay-as-you-go OpEx model removing under/over utilization by investing in Sealing compute when you need it. Data bottlenecks are a thing of the past.


Reduce your complexity

Let our specialist team handle the difficulty building and maintaining Sealing infrastructure so you can focus on Storage not Sealing

  Easy Deployment

As simple as running a single command, it works with your existing Lotus configuration. Our bridge software acts like a local worker but routes the Sealing capacity to our facility over the internet. Aligned handles the full Sealing pipeline (AP, PC1, PC2, C2)  and supports Fil+ data & CC.


  • STEP 1   Install bridge worker
  • STEP 2   Set general lotus env variables
  • STEP 3   Get your IP whitelisted
  • STEP 4   Start sending jobs


Our team will coordinate scheduling based on your capacity needs



Technical Requirements

→ Bandwidth 10Gbps will max out ~75/TiBs per day
→ Hardware same as storage miner- minus Sealing

The Colo Program

Bandwidth constraints with huge compute needs? No problem. Work with our team to determine if colocation is right for you.


Battle-tested Sealing Engine

Developed from the ground up with custom design of Sealing pipeline- hardware and software- with significant acceleration layer using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)


Sealing Pipeline Includes

  1. → Custom coherent deep-memory fabric
  2. → Custom storage acceleration software
  3. → Custom hardware for Sealing and zkProving

Partnered with some of Filecoin's most sophisticated SPs and ecosystem players

Protocol Labs
ESPA - Enterprise Storage Provider Accelerator
Ghost Byte
Darma Capital
Nebula Block

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